Bitcoin SV ‘Educates’ China’s Largest Developer Community

Bitcoin SV will provide education for up to 31 million people through a partnership with China’s largest developer network.

Bitcoin SV’s Bitcoin Association has launched a ‘Bitcoin SV Developer Zone’ in partnership with the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN).

CSDN is the largest developer community in China and has 31 million users. The zone will provide educational material for novice to expert developers as well as tools to develop apps on BSV. Written and video content commences on July 28 and there will be twice-weekly online lectures and presentations.

The two organisations will also work together to produce the BitcoinSV DevCon 2020: China event which will be held in late August. The two day event will be the first Chinese-language BSV developer conference.

CSDN has similar educational partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Baidu, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent. 

Education a ‘key pillar’

Bitcoin Association President Jimmy Nguyen said that developer education was “a key pillar in Bitcoin Association’s strategy to advance global business using the Bitcoin SV blockchain”. BA’s China Manager Lise Li added:

“Not only are we satisfying the demand from our local user base for new self-development and education opportunities, but we are providing a platform for developers across China to learn about this emerging technology and how it can be used to power new ideas and innovations.”


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