Crypto Trading Pioneer Rana Yared Leaves Goldman Sachs

Veteran investor and crypto pioneer Rana Yared leaves Goldman Sachs for VC firm.

Financial service powerhouse Goldman Sachs Group Inc. lost another one of its top brass on February 5 after two other executives expressed departure plans several days prior.

Goldman Sachs partner Rana Yared plans to exit her position at Goldman Sachs for a VC outfit, a source told Bloomberg for a Feb. 5 article. During her time at Goldman, Yared played a major role in the financial giant’s crypto endeavors. 

Goldman in crypto

Since 2017, the blockchain and crypto industry has seen an influx of traditional market entities in some capacity. In July 2019, a job post from Goldman Sachs hinted at the firm’s potentially growing interest in the industry. 

Additionally, since last fall, several Goldman Sachs’ alumni have moved into the industry, including Howard Surloff, who joined’s general counsel last October. 

As part of a pool of traders, Yared headed up Goldman’s dive into crypto, allocating portions of the company’s funds into up-and-coming technology businesses, Bloomberg reported. Yared had a hand in approximately $2 billion in funds invested.  

Yared in business

Beginning in 2006, Yared had a notable career at Goldman Sachs, achieving partnership status by age 34 in 2018, Bloomberg detailed. During her time at the firm, Yared also managed an investing posse for the firm, supervising 30 individuals. 

Just a few days ago, Goldman Sachs lost two of its other top brass — Ezra Nahum and Adam Korn, a separate Bloomberg article detailed. 

In January, Goldman’s chief executive, David Solomon, announced that the company would refuse an initial public offering if the company lacks a director who is “female or diverse,” Cointelegraph reported.


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