Huobi Joins Blockchain Turkey Platform to Boost Local Ecosystem

Huobi joins Turkey’s leading blockchain initiative to support local cooperation.

Major crypto exchange Huobi becomes a member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform to cooperate with local players on blockchain efforts.

Five months after officially entering the Turkish market, Huobi joined the Blockchain Turkey Platform as a “Platinum” member, the global crypto exchange announced on Jan. 15, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph Turkey. Founded by the Turkish Informatics Foundation in 2018, the Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR) is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to create a healthy blockchain ecosystem in Turkey. The platform has members from banking and finance, venture capitalism, technology, and crypto industries.

Huobi has become the first global exchange to become a member of BCTR, according to the press release. Huobi Turkey General Manager Alphan Gogus remarked that they believe in the importance of maintaining blockchain-driven development together. “We support BCTRs vision to secure Turkey’s regional leadership in a decentralized system,” he added.

Global initiatives are on the way to Turkey

Huobi’s Turkey efforts began when the company announced the establishment of a local office at the Eurasian Blockchain Summit last October. The crypto exchange brought many global blockchain experts to the summit, first signaling their desire to support Turkey’s blockchain efforts. 

Gogus told Cointelegraph Turkey that they are also looking forward to cooperating with Blockchain Turkey Platform via Huobi University, Huobi Research and Huobi Capital:

“Huobi supports the growth of crypto and blockchain ecosystems globally. Turkey has the potential to become a pioneer in blockchain technology, both regionally and globally. By joining The Blockchain Turkey Platform, which drives local efforts in a cross-industry approach, we aim to exchange our global expertise and knowledge with key local players to boost the blockchain ecosystem.”

BCTR creates a multidisciplinary environment to enable key players from different industries to speed up the adoption of blockchain in Turkey, BKM CEO and a founding member of the platform Soner Canko told Cointelegraph Turkey in an early interview.

When asked for a comment, Canko explained:

“BCTR boosted the cooperation on the adoption of blockchain between public institutions, including the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, academics, and NGOs. With 70+ members from different industries, Blockchain Turkey Platform aims to produce blockchain success stories in Turkey. […] BCTR also plans to support startups, small and medium-sized companies with more business opportunities on the blockchain.”


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